What We Do

We commit to offering our stakeholders a unique customized innovative solutions.

RF Systems

Macro Cell Base Stations
We are fully conversant with all types of GSM and UMTS installations, including but not limited to:

  • Omni installations
  • Node-B installations
  • Sector installations with full antenna diversity
  • DAS installations
  • Dual band installations (900/1800MHz)
  • DBV-H installations
  • Tri band installations (900/1800/2100MHz)
  • W-CDMA installations
  • Sectorisations
  • DTT installations
  • Multi-party installations
  • Wi-Max installations
  • Antenna optimization
  • Alarm & Telemetry systems
  • BTS installations
  • Transmission systems
  • Mini-Cell installations
  • Fiber Optics and Micro-Cell Base Stations
  • Cell Extenders


We have extensive experience in Active DAS installations.

We have completed large installations in several shopping complexes, as well as a “first for Africa” outdoor DAS along the Durban beachfront – this project received an award for its abilities

Indoor and Micro-Cell Base Stations

To date we have installed well in excess of 300 indoor systems.

We have installed over 800 external and internal Pico-cells and yagi antennas for our client..


We offer our clients Customised, Innovative Solutions through:

  • Custom made service
  • Reliability
  • Flexible and innovative
  • 32 years experience
  • Technically competent
  • Industry knowledge
  • South African service footprint