What We Do

We commit to offering our stakeholders a unique customized innovative solutions.

Maintenance Solutions

Our maintenance scope of work entails carrying out proactive and reactive maintenance on cellular base station infrastructure.

Our maintenance is carried out on a cyclical basis, with seven teams permanently deployed.

We provide a 24hr standby service through which our client is able to call us out for reactive repairs.

Through our maintenance function we have been able to add value to the GSM network as a whole.

Technical data captured from the various sites is analysed and trended for the client.

The data is also utilised to improve the MTBF & MTTR, and for the determination of the life cycle cost of the system.


Our maintenance covers the following activities:

  • Air-conditioning systems.
  • Electrical distribution system and supply.
  • Mast and tower integrity.
  • Cleanliness of site.
  • Aircraft warning light systems
  • De-rusting.